Multi-Sport Party (Outdoors)

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Multi-Sport Party (Outdoors)

Outdoor Sports

Located on our Multisport pitches and Pavilion, our Multi- Sport parties (outdoors) ensure there is something for everyone here at the home of Irish Sport. The Multi-Sports party is a high-energy party for boys and girls of all ages, revolving around team sport challenges. The birthday boy or girl gets to choose which sport they play.

•    Choose a selection of sports from; Dodgeball, Hockey, Tag Rugby, Rounder’s, Cricket, Olympic Handball, Uni-hoc, Athletics and Soccer.
•    Fun games and interactive stations
•    Special Relay Races & many more

This multi-sports party is specially designed for the more active and sporty children who love all types of sport. 

Package: 90 minutes of fun and games followed by 30 minutes at a designated party area (Bring Your Own Food & Drink).

Cost: €168 for up to 16 kids (non-deductible for less than 16 kids). Payment is required upfront.