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Secondary School Tour

The aim of our school tours is for your students to learn how sport can be inspirational, rewarding and fun! We offer a variety of different options for your class in our world-class facilities hosted by top-class coaches dedicate to ensuring a great experience for your school tour. 

Secondary Schools can choose between a two-hour or a four-package with the following options.

Please contact us to find out which experience would best suit the needs of your students, all of which are areas within the Secondary School P.E curriculum.

Fitness Testing

Fitness Experience

Our fitness testing programme is based on the LCPE curriculum and PAP. Your students will enter the Sport Ireland National Indoor Arena and be treated as if they were athletes on a testing day. We will take your students through a range of physical tests, and at the end of the tour, they will receive an individualised report detailing their test scores and other information. Included in these reports will be comparisons to appropriate benchmarks for their age and gender. 

Our Fitness experience teaches teenagers the key fundamentals of fitness! Our coaches tailor this experience to teach and test your students in a fun environment giving them the perfect starting point for their own fitness journey. 

Tests include:

  • Aerobic Test
  • Speed Test 
  • Agility & Jump Test
  • Upper and Lower Body Strength Tests
  • Upper and Lower Body Power Tests

Prior to each test, the coach will explain the theory behind the test and how it is used to inform training schedules. Your students will do the tests themselves and also help with recording the scores. Throughout the tour, your students will have the opportunity to experience the world-class facilities on campus, such as the Sport Ireland National Indoor Arena, our High-Performance gym, and the Sport Ireland National Indoor Training Centre.


Team Building

Learn about your class and how much you can achieve through effective teamwork in a fun environment. Our team building option offers your students to the opportunity learn leadership, teamwork and communication skills which they can carry on through their life and academics.

We teach team building through:

  • Gymnastics
  • Rookie Lifeguard
  • Water survival skills
  • Teamwork challenges
  • Communication challenges
  • Water based team building
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Sport Experience

Our Sport Experience gives students the opportunity to try out a variety of Sports they may not have tried before in World Class facilities ! From Gymnastics to Athletics we have professional coaches with experience in each sport to teach your students the sport in a fun way.

Sport options include:

  • Multisport 
  • Athletics
  • Gymnastics
  • Diving
  • Old school sports day


Teen Camp
Adult Gymnastics