Welcome to Day 4 of our "At Home" Online Easter Resource Camp!

Welcome to Day 4 of our "At Home” Camp to keep the kids active this Easter break.

In today's session we have a great mix of Quizzes, a Spot the Difference Challenge, a Home Sports Challenge and much much more... PLUS, Irish swimmer Patrick Flanagan, answers a few questions about being an international athlete!

The time your kids spend on these activities is up to you.

Throughout this week of our "At Home" camp we are giving away a €50 Sport Ireland Campus voucher daily for the best photo of your child trying our activities. To be in with a chance of entering you can either send a photo to or tag Sport Ireland Campus on social media!

Please note; parental supervision will be required during activities.  Video and resource packs will be provided each day to create your own experience at home.

Swimming Quiz

How much do you know about Swimming?

Do you think you might be an expert?
Challenge yourself now with our Swimming Quiz.

Spot the Difference

We have made some edits to one of our Campus photos.

Can you spot how many differences there are in the edited photo?

Home Sports Challenge

It's time to get active again and try Rachel's at Home Sports Challenge!

For this challenge you will need:

  • Wooden Spoon
  • Potato
  • Four cones (or items which can be used as markers)
  • A chair
  • 2 pieces of fruit
  • A ball
  • A bin bag
  • A measuring tape

National Dairy Council Baking

As the Exclusive Sport Ireland Campus Camps Sponsor, the National Dairy Council have provided us with some resources for your child to try.

In this session, see how well you can make their Pancakes!

Colouring: Design Your Own Leotard

Leotards in sports like Gymnastics are a great way of showing off what club or country you are representing.

They are also a great way for the athlete to show off their personalities.

If you were a gymnast, what would you like yours to look like?

Colour in our Leotard in the link below and show us your design! 

Sports with Ciaran

Ciaran from our Sports Team has put together some fun activities you can do at home to get active and improve your sporting abilities.

Can you do these tasks better than Ciaran?

Athlete of the Day: Patrick Flanagan

Patrick Flanagan is one of Ireland's top swimmer and was named the 2012 Irish Para Swimmer of the Year by Paralympics Ireland.

Patrick has competed for Ireland on several previous occasions including the British National Championships. Competing at the European Para Youth Games in 2015 he won several medals. His favoured events are the 100m Backstroke and the 400m Freestyle.

Patrick was also represented Ireland at the 2018 Para Swimming European Championships held in Dublin, he missed out on a podium finish by less than two tenths of a second in the S6 freestyle 400m.

The following year he went on to represent his country at the 2019 Para Swimming World Championships in London.

That's it for today! Be sure to come back tomorrow for another great day of activities!