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Accelerate Swim Course

Our week-long Accelerate Swim Courses at the Sport Ireland National Aquatic Centre offers a swimming development experience tailored to help swimmers of all levels, from young beginners to advanced senior levels as well as new teen and adult learners. In a small group setting, participants will receive focused, efficient training daily for one week to sharpen their fundamental skills and refine their techniques quickly.

There is a limited capacity of four spaces per 30-minute timeslot (daily for one week) on the dates below.  (*click on a box below to access our booking portal & use the filter to select a level.)


Focused, Small Group Classes

Spaces are limited to just 4 per timeslot, ensuring a low teacher-to-student ratio of 1:4. This allows our highly trained instructors to provide personalised attention and tailored guidance, helping each swimmer progress rapidly and improve their stroke efficiency and overall performance.

Kids Swim Summer Camp

Accelerate at Any Level

If you are currently in our Aquatics Academy, please book into your current level. If you are not a member, please read the descriptions below carefully before choosing which class to book. 

If you are unsure of what level to book, please feel free to enquire by sending an email to our Swim Academy Team at swimacademy@sportirelandcampus.ie

Junior Levels 

Children must be 4 years and over to join.

Junior 1 Accelerate

No swimming experience leading to being able to be in the water without an adult. Follow instruction and take part in a class. 

Junior 2 Accelerate

Float independently on front and back with no supports (armbands woggles or floats)

Junior 3 Accelerate

Move through the water using leg kick on all 4 strokes. Comfortable out of depth being able to thread water for a short period of time.

Junior 4 Accelerate

Move through the water using full stroke on all 4 strokes over a short distance. Attempting to breath on all 4 strokes. Competent out of depth and able to thread water for 30 seconds.

Senior Levels 

Senior levels will be working on stamina, endurance speed and technique all under the guidance of our highly trained teachers, they will devise a progressive plan over the week that will help to ensure that these training standards are met.

Senior 1&2 Accelerate

Preform all 4 strokes up to 25m efficiently. Competent out of depth and able to thread water for 60 seconds.

Senior 3,4&5 Accelerate

Preform all 4 strokes efficiently up to 50m. Demonstrate starts and turns on all 4 strokes. Preform transition into strokes on all 4 strokes. Competent out of depth and able to thread water for longer than 60 seconds. 

Teen & Adult Beginners Accelerate

Swimming is a skill that can be learned at any age, and it's never too late to start. For teens and adults with no prior swimming experience, these accelerate programmes are a fantastic way to get comfortable in the water, learn basic strokes, and build confidence. Complete beginners welcome.