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Free Sports Equipment Rental

Our Come and Play Epuip lockers offer a simple and convenient self-service rental service of sports equipment across Sport Ireland Campus.

Thanks to the Equip Sport mobile application, users can easily open the lockers to gain instant access to a variety of sports gear located beside free-to-use outdoor sport courts and open spaces across the Sport Ireland Campus.

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How it Works

  1. Download the free Equip Sport mobile app & register for free with your phone number.
  2. Choose the location (you can scan the QR code on the box)
  3. Select reserve to book your session
  4. Unlock the station with your phone
  5. Grab your equipment and have fun!
  6. When you finish your session, take a photo of the equipment properly placed back in the station to complete the process.
Equip Sport Equipment Rental at Sport Ireland Campus

Our Equip Locker Stations

Locker  Location  Equipment Available
Station A       Opposite the National Aquatic Centre (beside the Basketball Court) 
  • Shelf 1 – Table Tennis bats x 2 & ball
  • Shelf 2 – Soccer Ball
  • Shelf 3 - Basket Ball
Station B Opposite the National Indoor Arena (beside the Sport Court)
  • Shelf 2 – Badminton Racketsx2 & shuttlecock
  • Shelf 3 - Volleyball
Station C Beside our Basketball court at the National Diving Dryland Centre
  • Shelf 1 – Boules
  • Shelf 2 – Basketball
  • Shelf 3 - Volleyball
Station D          At Abbottstown House (near Cross Country Track)
  • Shelf 1 – Frisbee
  • Shelf 2 – Rugby Ball
  • Shelf 3 - Football

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