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Adult Swim Academy



The Sport Ireland Campus Adult Swim lessons are held in the world-class Sport Ireland National Aquatic Centre under the guidance of expert and dedicated teachers and coaches.

We offer Beginner, Improver and Advanced classes to start you off on your Learn to Swim Journey.

NAC Dublin Swimming Pool

World Class Facilities

The Sport Ireland Campus Swim Adult Lessons Academy are held in the state-of-the-art Sport Ireland National Aquatic Centre. This is Ireland's national swimming centre and is not only built to Olympic standards but was also home to the 2003 Special Olympics Pool swimming and diving events.

The swim lessons are held in a 10-lane 50-metre x 25-metre international-standard swimming pool with two moveable floors which allow our coaches to cater for all ability levels during our swimming lessons. 

There is also a 25-metre international standard diving/warm-up pool to meet the needs of those in swimming lessons.

NAC Dublin Swimming Pool

Top Level Coaching

The coaches who conduct the Sport Ireland Campus swimming lessons are fully qualified, dedicated and expert swim coaches to ensure your child will have a thoroughly enjoyable time learning and developing their swimming skills.

It is the combination of swim coaches and our world-class facilities which allow us to provide a swim lessons academy which is unrivalled.

Adult Swim Academy Lessons


Learning to swim has no age limit, all swimmers who attend a beginner’s class have the same fear and apprehensions, from getting your little toe wet to putting your face in the water. Understanding that you are not the only one with these fears will help you to overcome yours. Our teachers are understanding and patient and will help you to achieve your goal of learning how to swim, these sessions are delivered in 1 to 1.2m depth.


Take the plunge to learn how to swim- it doesn't matter what age you are- 30 min class


These sessions are for those swimmers who have learned the basics and would like to learn techniques and build on their capabilities. Classes are delivered in 1.2m depth’ , however, the swimmers will be brought on occasion into deeper water. The stroke technique will be gradually built on from body position leading to leg kick which will lead on to arm action and then combining them all together with breathing and timing. A variety of strokes and skills will be taught at these levels - 30 min class


When you have mastered the basics, you will join the advanced class to put all the skills you have learnt together. This will get you ready to swim on your own to keep fit or join a Triathlon Group – 30 min class.

Adult Active

Adult Active is innovative and engaging class to enhance technique and endurance coached by expert coaches. Swimmers must be able swim 100m competently and have a decent level of fitness.