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Adult Diving Academy



The Sport Ireland Campus Adult Diving Academy is designed to cater for all ability levels to begin or perfect their diving and movement skills. The Academy is held in the Sport Ireland National Aquatic Centre, an Olympic standard diving facility used for both international and national diving events. The facilities are matched only by the expert coaches who run the Adult Diving Academy.

Adult classes are very popular with the Learn to Dive academy. The classes range in ability and all ages are welcome from 20+ years. Adult Beginner courses are designed for complete beginners. The course covers the basic Learn to Dive 1-5 skill set along with jumps on the higher boards up to 10m. Adult Intermediate courses take it a step further and learn dives in different directions plus somersault rotations. Adult Advanced courses are for those that have dives and rotations in different directions but would like to increase their difficulty from different board heights. Masters diving training sessions run twice a week for divers that have a skill set in order to compete at Master Level internationally. 20+ years.

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World Class Facilities

The Sport Ireland Campus Adult Diving Academy is held in the Olympic Standard Sport Ireland National Aquatic Centre. This facility is not only built to Olympic standards but was purpose-built for the 2003 Special Olympics aquatic sports. It regularly hosts national and international events.

As an academy member, you will get to experience this elite, 2,500 seat facility, whilst perfecting their diving and movement skills.

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Expert Coaching

Lead by Olympian and European medalist, Uschi Freitag, the experienced and dedicated diving coaching team work closely with you to ensure they are consistently progressing their diving and movement skills.

Adult Diving Options

Adults Diving Lessons​

Adult beginners

Would you like to learn the basic skills of diving with other adults (18+)? Leaning and having a lot of fun at the same time, then this once a week session for one hour is for you.


Adult intermediate

After you finish basic skill training you can book into the adult intermediate class, improving your diving skills even further. Why not continue the fun and learning process during the one-hour session held once a week.


Beginners Squad

After you complete our Level 1 to 5 the Learn to Dive Academy, you will be invited to join our first phase of squad training which is Beginners squad. The Beginner Squad forms the base of our Training Squad structure and acts as the bridge from our Learn to Dive Academy. The aim is to introduce a squad environment where divers participate in more than one session per week and are introduced to the fundamentals of dry land training. Beginner Squad consists of two training session a week for both dry dive and pool. Athletes will have the option to take part in grass roots competitions, through a recognised diving club, and the coaches will take a detailed approach to tracking and monitoring how athletes are progressing.

Novice Squad

​The Novice Squad is our main stream Novice Skills competition squad. This is a progression from our Beginner Squad where divers will increase their training hours and attend a more enhanced dryland and pool-based training programme. The Novice squad consists of three dry dive and pool sessions. The Novice Squad key focus is to prepare athletes for the major novice skills competitions, while at the same time working on new dives required for the transition to Age Group competitions.


Intermediate Squad

​This is a side path to the Novice squad and a progression from the Beginners Squad. The Intermediate squad trains three times a week, both dry dive and pool sessions. The main focus of Intermediate Squad is to improve on dives previously learnt as well as learning more. Divers in this squad will have the option to part take in grass roots competition.


Advanced Squad

This Squad is for adolescents from 14 years up, who like to dive, developing dives they would like to learn and compete in occasional competitions. Competition can be either skills or age group competitions, this is dependent on which dives they perform.

Talent Squad

​This Squad has four sessions each week, pool and dryland. These children are preparing for competitions inside or/and outside of Ireland, to push them to the highest level they can achieve. The Talent Squad is the pinnacle of our training squad programme. A serious commitment to training is required and athletes must demonstrate an elite and professional attitude at all times. Athletes receive a bespoke training programme working towards optimum performance in significant International events.


Performance Squad

This is the ‘competition’ Squad. These children are slightly older than the children from Talent Squad and compete in competitions. We aim to develop to the highest level possible, that means competitions in Ireland and also outside of Ireland. Access to this squad is strictly controlled by the Head Coach and invitations will be given to those athletes who have demonstrated potential to perform in Age group only level competitions. The demands and commitment levels are much higher than squads in our main stream pathway. Coaches will use a detailed approach to tracking and monitoring progress to ensure athletes are maintaining or moving towards performance in competitions through a recognised diving club.


Talent Identification Program

The TID Squad is generated from specialised Primary School talent identification projects and forms the base of our Talent Pathway. Access to this squad is strictly controlled by the Head Coach who uses their expert eyes and judgement to access a child’s potential to reach an elite level in diving. Participants take part in multiple sessions per week, following a dry land and pool-based training programme, and athletes will have the option to take part in grass roots competitions, through a recognised diving club. Coaches will regularly monitor progress and development to ensure that athletes remain on a pathway towards an elite level.

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