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National Indoor Covered Pitches




The facility officially opened in June 2019 as part of Project Ireland 2040 and will be used by a host of international, club and county teams.

The pitches are also available for Coaching Training and Development, Team Training (Under Age/ Senior), Corporate, Social & Competitive Leagues, Matches, Referee Training, and other private bookings. 

This covered facility will allow your team to train all year round, regardless of weather conditions, in a consistent world class environment. To view our bookings terms and conditions click here.

Company Games

Pitch Details

These High-Performance Pitches are FIFA & World Rugby certified and GAA performance approved.

​The synthetic turf system installed on these pitches are the state of the art.

These 3G synthetic pitches are constructed on a firm 60mm dual-fibre surface, with long synthetic grass with a high-density 14mm shockpad, offering a better grip and a smoother playing surface. 

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Both pitches are able to facilitate a number of field sports including:

  • Rugby

  • Soccer

  • Gaelic Football

  • Hurling

  • Rounders

  • Baseball

  • Lacrosse

  • Ultimate Frisbee

  • American Football

  • and more...

Training Pitch

Soccer Pitch:

105.00m x 68.00m

Soccer Goals:

7.32m x 2.44m

Rugby Pitch:

70.00m x 50.00m (half pitch)

Additional 10.00m length including dead ball line

Rugby Goals:

11.00m height, 5.60m wide, 3.00m to the crossbar


Note: The pitch is GAA training sized rather than full pitch size.
105.00m x 68.00m

Markings include:

13m, 20m & 45m (There is no 65m)

GAA Goals:

6.50m x 2.44m


Full Pitch (105m x 68m) Peak (6pm-10pm) Off Peak
Pitch Hourly Rate €180 €130
10 week block booking €160 €115
Rugby Pitch (70m x 68m) Peak (6pm-10pm)
Pitch Hourly Rate €140
10 week block booking €125
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